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Is It Sensory Processing Disorder?

By funfactorygym | August 3, 2018

Previously referred to as Sensory Integration Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) represents a disconnect between the nervous system and brain.  When this disconnect is present, children with SPD encounter external stimuli as difficult to process and integrate. What is SPD? SPD causes sensory inputs to be improperly interpreted, whether emitting from the immediate environment or…

Teach Play Skills to Kids with Autism

By funfactorygym | August 1, 2018

Children with autism require learning environments which are non-threatening and safe.  Structured settings and approaches tend to work best for these children. And to teach play skills to kids with autism is an important calling.  These children need focused guidance which frees them to benefit from play skills as richly as other children.  In so…

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