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Occupational Therapy Bus Helps Children With Sensory Needs

By funfactorygym | January 25, 2020

SALEM, Va. (WDBJ) – A bus is providing therapy on the go for children with sensory issues. This bus was started by an occupational therapist in Salem to allow more access for families in rural areas and tight schedules. Grayson Chapmon is a 7 year old and is just like any other kid–he loves to…

7 Fun Activities Kids on the Spectrum Will Love

By funfactorygym | January 24, 2020

Did you know that children on the spectrum can develop fundamental life skills and learn about their surroundings through play? Sensory play refers to the fun activities that stimulate a child’s sense of touch, sound, smell, sight, and taste.  Letting your child explore their surroundings with sensory activities can help develop their understanding and creativity.…

Unemployment Among Those With Autism Is 90%. Here’s How a Denver CEO Is Working to Change That

By funfactorygym | January 22, 2020

Danny Combs was living the good life. He hung out with first-rate country music super stars like Taylor Swift as well as Faith Hill in Nashville, Tennessee, in the very early 2000s. He was doing what he loved for a living: playing and teaching music. Then life got much better with a family, spouse, little…

Artist and Athlete Use Art Therapy to Help Children With Autism

By funfactorygym | January 21, 2020

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Kenneth Harrison A former basketball player and artist Courtney Haywood have opened a new facility in Las Vegas called “Aurtism.” This new facility is colorful and bright and has an atmosphere that is welcoming and exciting. The new facility is an art therapy studio being used as a new approach to treating…

9-Year-Old Told Not to Doodle in Class Gets Job Decorating Restaurant Walls With A Mural

By funfactorygym | January 16, 2020

Joseph, a nine year old creative doodler, was told by his teacher at school to stop doodling. But that wouldn’t stop Joseph. And now, still age 9, he’s a working artist after being asked to doodle a wall at Number 4, a restaurant in Shrewsbury, England. Because Joe doodled so much in school his teachers…

Why Kids Love Sensory Gyms

By funfactorygym | December 20, 2019

Have you and your child ever been to sensory gyms? The world can be distracting and noisy. Being in an overly stimulating place can overwhelm some children. Sensory overload may lead to tantrums and other behaviors that are difficult to manage.  A practical way to provide safe spaces for children is to create intentional environments…

3 Benefits of Sensory Gyms for Your Child

By funfactorygym | November 21, 2019

The joys of parenting hold true no matter what your child’s abilities are. But when your child has a sensory processing disorder, you face a set of challenges most parents will not.  Everyday settings often don’t accommodate for children with sensory processing disorder. A child who is over-sensitive might find stimuli like light, physical touch,…

5 Ways to Support Students with Sensory Processing Disorders

By funfactorygym | September 25, 2019

Children with sensory processing disorders need additional support from educators and parents.  With both hypersensitivity (amplified senses) and hyposensitivity (reduced senses), it’s a balancing act. Identifying the sensitivities of your students is part of the challenge.  We hope this guide, including 5 ways to support students with sensory processing disorders, will provide some helpful information.…

Help Students with Learning Difficulties Stay on Task with These 6 Proven Strategies

By funfactorygym | September 19, 2019

Learning disabilities can derail children from realizing their potential.  The battle to improve outcomes for them is waged on multiple fronts, starting with parents, continuing through therapists and resting on the shoulders of classroom educators in the school system. When children with learning disabilities aren’t given the proper support, they can rapidly fall behind.  Unfinished…

Why Special Needs Children Need Yoga

By funfactorygym | September 17, 2019

Yoga is growing as both a physical fitness and overall wellbeing discipline.  Over 24 million adults in the US practice Yoga regularly and the benefits of that practice can be readily shared with young people. That’s especially true of young people with special needs.   Yoga’s goal is to create balance between our minds and bodies. …

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