Thank you!! We are just finishing up a project at our ABA facility, and we want to extend our sincerest regards and convey our most profound appreciation to Troy Pfefferle and his team. We consulted with Troy Pfefferle and his wife a few months ago as we were exploring options to turn our ABA social skills program into a state of the art space to learn and grow with peers. We were looking to improve our ABA social skills program by adding some fun and entertaining play structures which would afford the children in our program the opportunity to play while they learn. Troy and his team from the Fun Factory seemed to have just the right answer.

We wanted an atmosphere which would motivate our group of children to interact and allow us to provide reinforcement as social connections emerged. Troy and his team helped us design a fantastic activity set for our program- enhanced with equipment which promotes movement, balance, climbing and all out fun. We plan to teach children to play and interact while climbing, singing and jumping in a safe and creative playroom. Troy was with us from the beginning helping with design, practicality, optimal space utilization, ideas, and of course the implementation. Troy sent a team of four play design experts; Ryan, Derek, Tyler, and Aleah they were energetic, polite, enthusiastic, and of course efficient. They worked as a dynamic team whom consistently displayed their expertise- needing

They worked as a dynamic team whom consistently displayed their expertise- needing little direction from a play structure novice such as I. It was a pleasure to watch this crew work problem solving and respectfully explaining their process every step of the way. We were always kept informed yet made to feel confident that these experts could handle the job. Ryan, Derek, Tyler, and Aleah were personable and demonstrated that they cared about the program that is so near and dear to our hearts. This crew worked tirelessly throughout the day to transform our social skills room into a play haven in just one day. We are excited to begin using our program to enrich the lives of the children with whom we work. Thus far every person who has seen the new room is shocked awed by the work of the Fun Factory made possible by Troy Pfefferle and brought to life by his fabulous crew. I am blessed to have found Troy and all the people who make the Fun factory what it is. I would recommend this team to anyone, and we intend to continue working with them on future projects already in the works.


Gratefully and appreciatively,


Denise Wright, MS., BCBA, LBA

President and founder of Behavior Change Success Corp

Helping Hands Pediatric Therapy

To Whom it May Concern:

Last September, I discovered Fun Factory Sensory Gym when looking for a company to help me design and install a premiere custom therapeutic sensory gym, as we were moving to a bigger and better clinic to serve our kiddos with special needs. I read the testimonials and saw the videos on youtube. These did not even compare to the professional and personal care that I received from Troy Pfefferle and his staff!

I am amazed at the design and workmanship of the end result!  Fun Factory Sensory Gym has the ability to create the most comprehensive design for any space, and I am more than 100% satisfied with the new sensory motor gym. It puts a huge smile on my face when young kiddos receiving therapy at our clinic make a special stop into my office, to thank me for building them their new gym!

I would strongly and emphatically recommend Fun Factory Sensory Gym to any growing clinic, or even to parents who want to create a sensory space in their basement or garage space for their kids at home.

Thanks again Troy and staff!

Kind Regards,
Stefanie Willard, President
Helping Hands Pediatric Therapy, Inc.

Lowcountry Therapy Center

Lowcountry Therapy Center

The results have been amazing – ask any of our parents! Word of mouth is the best advertising.  Fun Factory Sensory Gym has been our best-spent marketing dollars thus far.  Hands down.

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