If you’re planning to design and install a sensory room, then you’ll be in search of guidance.  This post covers sensory room essentials for 2019, providing you with a great framework to start from.

Let’s explore some of the most crucial elements of a sensory room.


There’s no type of lighting more adaptable to a sensory room than LED strip lights.  These can be used as ceiling borders, or in other strategic places in your sensory environment.  They’re excellent as a strategy for calming children in the throes on a meltdown.

When children are feeling energetic and need to burn off steam, lighting can be set to create a party atmosphere, changing colors and flashing.  This encourages children to burn off steam.

In addition to your LED strips, adding a light that’s child-operated provides interactive, self-guided fun to go with the ambience.  An element of personal autonomy and problem-solving helps to focus children. Try Playbrites animal lights for a fun solution to an abundance of energy.


Seating in a sensory room is of paramount importance.  Children need a place to feel safe which also serves as sensory input.

Crash pads are ideal for this.  They can provide deep pressure input, support managing anger and act as seating, at the same time.  Yogibo products are both comfortable and durable, with the larger models providing enough space for adults to join their kids as they’re exploring.

For those on a budget, try a bean bag chair, which is just as effective and costs a fraction of the price.  Piles of cushions and comforters are also great, as kids can arrange them as they choose.


Sound is a great component for the purpose of calming.  Every child is different, though, so familiarize yourself with what calms your child, versus what stimulates them.

Instrumental music, the sounds of nature or gentle music like folk songs and lullabies are all options, as well as sound machines which produce white noise.

Some children are most effectively calmed by no sound at all, so noise-cancelling headphones are a must in your sensory room.

A magic chest

The magic chest is more for parents than for kids.  In your chest, you’ll keep items which help you calm your child.  Many of these can be found in dollar stores (good news for budget-conscious parents of ASD kids).

Choose items with strong sensory properties.  Things which squish or are otherwise tactile, smell good or make a satisfying noise your child responds to, are all great.  Pinwheels are a time-honored amuser of children which are also interactive.

Fun Factory Sensory Gym

Fun Factory Sensory Gym is the world’s first and only company to bring you fully bonded and insured multi-sensory environments from concept to completion.  Whether you’re installing in your home or in a clinic, your Fun Factory Sensory Gym is read to use as soon as it’s installed.

You’ll be amazed at the potential spaces in your home ideal for an installation, from the garage to the attic.

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