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SALEM, Va. (WDBJ) – A bus is providing therapy on the go for children with sensory issues. This bus was started by an occupational therapist in Salem to allow more access for families in rural areas and tight schedules.

Grayson Chapmon is a 7 year old and is just like any other kid–he loves to play and laugh. But one thing sets him slightly apart.

“He just has some like sensory needs. He gets really, easily excited and kind of hard to wind back down. He was having a hard time sleeping,” his mother, Jill Chapmon, said.

Grayson Chapmon is one of nine kids, this has made it hard for his mother to get Grayson the proper help he needs. All seemed impossible until the occupational therapy bus came rolling up to the door.

“When he needed OT and sensory therapy, it was just so hard to fit it in our schedule . . . this worked out perfectly because then I could just have her meet me wherever I was at, and I can continue with somebody else’s baseball or dance lesson,” Chapmon said.

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Occupational Therapist Amy Higgs started this bus for kids with sensory issues such as Autism and ADHD.

“In 2006 my son was born and was diagnosed with autism. I Started using some of those therapy strategies with him,” Higgs said.

“In some special outreach areas it takes families up to an hour to an hour and half to reach those therapy services. Now I can come to them,” Said Amy Higgs.