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We Accommodate Small Spaces

Homes, Basements, Attics, Garages, and bedrooms! We understand that space can be limited, that’s why our designers take into consideration every square inch of space in your home. Our in-home systems are designed to provide your family with plenty of floor space not only to play but to also move about with ease when the system isn’t being used.

What do we consider a small space?

Our home systems are designed to provide reinforcement therapy. What we mean by reinforcement therapy is taking what was learned in a clinical setting and applying it in the comfort zone of the child in their home environment. With our custom designed in-home sensory gyms children can now develop their fine and gross motor skills in the comfort of their home regardless of the elements. Many parents have noticed an immediate impact our sensory gyms have had on their children’s lives. From increased attentiveness to more developed timing, strength, and rhythm. Daily regulation greatly improves spatial awareness, fine and gross motor skills. Whether your child is a proprioceptive seeker or avoider our sensory gyms are designed to accommodate many needs and abilities. This is an investment that truly pays dividends for your child’s future.

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A Gallery of Small Spaces

Small spaces, we understand how valuable every square inch is for your little ones!