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Large open play / multi-functional facilities

What do we consider a large space?

Our large open play/multi-functional facilities are designed from the center out. This allows us to capture the center of the room and design out to all four corners making the entire rooms flow and functionality useful to everyone using it. Our large sensory gyms are versatile and can accommodate many therapists and children at the same time.

Therapists can now broaden their treatment options with our large sensory gyms. Our sensory gyms help children acclimate to new stimuli and help foster independence. Our sensory gyms include swings, ball pits, zip-lines, monkey bars, rock walls, trampolines, castle structures, seclusion areas, and jump decks. A trained therapist can introduce all of these activities.

Over time children will gradually have increased confidence not only during therapy but also at home and school. Many clinics that we have built large sensory gyms for have branched out into second and third locations; this has allowed them to serve many more families. Many of our large facilities also host special events such as birthday parties, open play, enrichment programs, and many other community and special needs programs, which benefit all.

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A Gallery of Large Spaces

Large spaces are built with quality construction in mind!