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Applied Behavioral Analysis

Exploring the Benefits of Sensory Play

By funfactorygym | September 13, 2019

Our senses guide us through the world, teaching us about how it works.  In the pre-reasoning, early development stage of childhood, our five senses lead. For this reason, sensory play is a crucial educational support, allowing children to explore the world around them, using their senses. In adulthood, we use our senses to obtain key…

What is a Sensory Playground?

By funfactorygym | August 30, 2019

Is there anything more representative of being a child than a playground?  The playground is a youthful epicenter of exploration, social interactions and physical exertion. But the traditional playground can be overwhelming for children who struggle with sensory input. The sensitivity of children with ASD to sensory stimulation can leave them feeling confused, withdrawn and…

Applied Behavioral Analysis

Sensory Room Essentials in 2019

By funfactorygym | August 27, 2019

If you’re planning to design and install a sensory room, then you’ll be in search of guidance.  This post covers sensory room essentials for 2019, providing you with a great framework to start from. Let’s explore some of the most crucial elements of a sensory room. Lighting There’s no type of lighting more adaptable to…

Benefits of Multi-Sensory Environments

By funfactorygym | August 23, 2019

Neuro atypical people experience the world very differently than most of us do.  There are multiple reasons for this reality, including challenges related to vision, hearing, movement, touch, taste, and smell.  Cognitive challenges and behavioral disturbances also make experiencing the world in a safe way difficult. These realities represent barriers for people with cognitive challenges,…

Completing The Puzzle Sensory integration work helps unlock a child’s full potential.

By funfactorygym | July 22, 2019
Custom designed therapeutic sensory gym for children with special needs. Utilized by occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, applied behavior analysis, and physical therapists.

The Recipe for Sensory Success

By funfactorygym | May 3, 2019

It’s 2019 and the “sensory gym” has become an essential part of a therapists treatment plan. Whether it be speech-language pathologists utilizing the sensory space to regulate a child’s energy levels before treating or an occupational therapist attempting to regulate the proprioceptive system through external manipulations sensory gyms have become Principal. After over 20 years…

Benefits of a Sensory Gym for Your Child with Special Needs

By funfactorygym | December 5, 2018

3 Benefits of a Sensory Gym for Your Child with Special Needs The joys of parenting hold true no matter what your child’s abilities are. But when your child has a sensory processing disorder (SPD), you face a set of challenges most parents do not. Everyday settings often don’t accommodate children with SPD. A child who is over-sensitive…

A Therapeutic Perspective

By funfactorygym | October 29, 2018

At Helping Hands Pediatric Therapy, we offer a sensory gym with the type of equipment that is designed to help children with autism and sensory processing disorder by strengthening their development and social skills.  With the help of Fun Factory Sensory Gyms, we are able to provide such equipment as suspended swings, climbing structures, rock…

A Mama’s Unexpected Journey

By funfactorygym | October 24, 2018

A Mama’s Unexpected Journey … So here we are, in our white farmhouse in the country with our own little acre of land. A house with most of the pictures and decorations removed, minimal furniture, chew marks on more things than we can count, a cabinet full of melatonin and natural calming gummies because sleep…

How to Determine Whether Your Child Could Benefit from a Sensory Gym

By funfactorygym | August 6, 2018

Most of us think of the gym as the place to go to improve our health and fitness, but gyms have all kinds of purposes, including therapeutic ones. Some gyms are used to help people recover from injuries and surgeries with the help of a physical therapist.  But what’s a sensory gym? A sensory gym…

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