At Helping Hands Pediatric Therapy, we offer a sensory gym with the type of equipment that is designed to help children with autism and sensory processing disorder by strengthening their development and social skills.  With the help of Fun Factory Sensory Gyms, we are able to provide such equipment as suspended swings, climbing structures, rock climbing walls, and safe landing places. 

Traditional indoor play gyms and playgrounds do not meet the unique needs of children with disabilities. Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other special needs often struggle with playing and socializing in an over-stimulating environment like a traditional indoor playground. A gym specifically designed and installed by Fun Factory Sensory Gyms can meet the needs of all children with structured classes, as well as individualized attention and adaptation during free play, with the guidance of an Occupational Therapist.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our gym installed by Fun Factory Sensory Gyms!  We are able to have multiple therapists working specifically one-on-one with kids to meet their sensory needs.  Not only does it help provide us with a special niche in the therapy community to offer this type of gym, it has allowed us to serve many more children who need this type of environment.

Many families with loved ones who could benefit from a dedicated sensory room often don’t feel they have the space or budget to create one.  Creating an effective sensory space doesn’t have to be expensive.  Fun Factory Sensory Gyms also create wonderful sensory spaces for families who think that they don’t have the space to create one.

We highly recommend Fun Factory Sensory Gyms to both therapists and parents alike!  My favorite example of appreciation of our new Sensory Gym was when a client working on handwriting chose to write me a letter thanking me for the new gym!  Can’t beat that recommendation!!