When Armani was 8 years old he developed a love for cars and speed that was brought about by a go-kart racing game. His love only continued to grow. Armani has competed in multiple racing events and competitions and now competes on a professional level.

After mastering the go-kart track Armani raced bandolero vehicles and now at the age of 15 is racing professionally. Armani was signed on to SPEAR Motorsports where in 2016 he broke a record for being the highest placing African American in the series’ championship during the ARCA Truck Pro Series in 2016.

When speaking to the Art of Autism in 2018, Armani explained that racing has actually helped him improve his condition. “I have managed to steadily improve those tactics, being a little more proactive around other people and that’s going to help me in the long run as I continue to live my life with autism.”

The 17- year old Armani continued by talking about his career in racing saying, “I loved playing with one of my action figured cars as a kid and just play all day. When I heard about NASCAR, it sparked my interest up another level. I would watch NASCAR nonstop and it amazed me how fast those cars were going, passing cars, and a winner getting a trophy at the end of the race. I found that pretty cool and awesome and one day I told my dad straight up that was something I wanted to do when I grow up. I wanted to be a professional racecar driver.”

At the age of two-years-old Armani was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and was nonverbal. Incredibly, Armani by the age of 3 was starting to speak.

Armani, is currently part of the Nascar stable of talented and upcoming drivers and races in NASCAR K&N Pro Series having raced as a professional in the ARCA Truck Pro Series, USA and NASCAR Pinty’s series in Canada.

Through racing, Armani uses his platform and achievement to be an advocate for autism by creating awareness and supporting research that helps improve the lives of those living with autism.