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To Whom it May Concern:

Last September, I discovered Fun Factory Sensory Gym when looking for a company to help me design and install a premiere custom therapeutic sensory gym, as we were moving to a bigger and better clinic to serve our kiddos with special needs. I read the testimonials and saw the videos on youtube. These did not even compare to the professional and personal care that I received from Troy Pfefferle and his staff!

I am amazed at the design and workmanship of the end result!  Fun Factory Sensory Gym has the ability to create the most comprehensive design for any space, and I am more than 100% satisfied with the new sensory motor gym. It puts a huge smile on my face when young kiddos receiving therapy at our clinic make a special stop into my office, to thank me for building them their new gym!

I would strongly and emphatically recommend Fun Factory Sensory Gym to any growing clinic, or even to parents who want to create a sensory space in their basement or garage space for their kids at home.

Thanks again Troy and staff!

Kind Regards,
Stefanie Willard, President
Helping Hands Pediatric Therapy, Inc.

Lowcountry Therapy Center

Lowcountry Therapy Center

The results have been amazing – ask any of our parents! Word of mouth is the best advertising.  Fun Factory Sensory Gym has been our best-spent marketing dollars thus far.  Hands down.

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